Company Saves Money...

...and Becomes More Efficient

  • Are you an entrepreneur , an MD or department director looking to solve a business problem or create new possibilities through developing new software?
  • Do you need an efficient software company to make it happen, one you can rely on?

At ABSSoftware Ltd we use the FileMaker platform which allows us to work over 4X faster than those using mixed .net SQL Server, HTML and Java. That cuts valuable time off your project and keeps costs low, enhancing code quality, consistency and security.


We use “RunTime” technology to create a working mock up of the finished product to ensure your software's design truly matches your business requirements. So you won’t be left with a product or system you didn’t want – something our competitors won’t guarantee.
The foundations of a successful project are built on understanding. Our bespoke service begins by identifying your specific needs.
We work closely with you to verify the details of your project. Mixing your business knowledge with our technical expertise to challenge and improve the solution.

The “RunTime” demo mirrors exactly the software you will receive. This helps us deliver the product you need.
FileMaker software quickly turns your creative vision into a reality.
Using a working model of your app that all your team can access and comment on lets you review core functions before full development has even started.
Users can refine the design, share it and give feedback, allowing them to sign the project off with confidence.
Quicker development time also keeps your costs as low as possible.


This is not just a buzzword. As the software solution develops you will have new ideas to incorporate. Agile development makes this possible.
As software development is an iterative process, you can sign off individual components.
This reduces project risk and gives you full transparency throughout the process.

Instead of developing using a range of technologies, (typically Microsoft .NET for web-based software and HTML5 or native software for mobile apps) your project solution is created using one piece of software that handles all interactions. Desktop, Web and mobile.
There is nothing to join together, no diverse technologies that have to be coerced to work together.

This removes many points of failure giving you a single application that streamlines and enhances your business.