What is FileMaker?

A compelling platform

A wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Inc. FileMaker integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) security features and a server to create fully featured relational databases that can run on most computers.

FileMaker started out many years ago as a flat database designed from the ground up to create easy to use, easy to retrieve stores for any type of data.

Over the years new features have been added, and today with the same design philosophy FileMaker is a mature and stable platform for building simple or complex relational data store solutions that can be accessed by multiple users across diverse platforms all around the world.

Companies from small startups to Fortune 500 utilise the fast application development inherent in the platforms design, sharing information internally and across multiple sites, keeping staff in touch with live data.

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But if you are considering converting tired excel spreadsheets into a multi user database or creating a new business system of whatever size you will be in very good company using FileMaker.