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Working from spreadsheets or universal cloud based systems can limit your business. Contact us today on 07985 571 670 to learn how we can improve your company's efficiency by as much as 30%


I’m Patrick Kenlock from ABS Software®, where we have over 20 years of experience developing bespoke databases and technology platforms to help companies across all sectors streamline their processes and improve productivity. Whether you need a single integrated customer relationship management tool to enable your sales team to work more efficiently or a task management solution to increase the effectiveness of your entire workforce, we have the expertise to help you transform your business. On average, our clients report efficiency gains of over 30 per cent: imagine the difference that kind of growth could make to your bottom line. If you would like to unleash the full potential of your business, please get in touch to arrange an initial conversation about your requirements.

We specialise in creating Multi User, work-flow aligned business solutions that increase efficiency by integrating your existing processes into streamlined data driven cross platform, networked applications for desktop,web, tablet and phone.

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Building advanced, easy to use business solutions

Based in Suffolk UK, ABS Software® can provide your business with a bespoke software solution for your specific business needs. Our business system developers can work closely with your business to provide a personal and direct software development service.

Our software company has been practicing for over 20 years and we are a Filemaker Accredited Reseller. We also have experience in developing bespoke solutions for SMBs and charities. 

From single user botanical databases to complex warehouse management systems we can supply the perfect fit for your project.


  • Costs can vary on a case by case basis depending on development time. We will always strive to supply a finished system within your budget.

  • Unlike other software the per hour cost goes down the more it is used and the value to your business goes up. (Using self hosting or with certain Cloud providers)

  • ABS Software® can provide a multi user scheduling app similar to the one illustrated for a low development cost tailored exactly to your business.

  • Blank canvas development: Please contact us with your requirements.

  • No fancy pricing. Straight forward service

The ABS Software® development cycle

Listed below is the methodology cycle we follow while developing software for you:

- Consultation - Working directly with you along with our professional advice to determine your requirements and priorities for your new business software.
- Development - Putting your ideas into action, maintaining open communication to ensure a flexible environment where new ideas can be implemented.
- Testing - Making sure your new business system is everything your business needs to succeed.
- Distribution - Installation of new software on to your businesses hardware, purchasing and installation of new hardware if required.
- Training - Working with you and your staff to maximise the productivity output of your new ABS Software.
- Maintenance - On-going support ensures your ABS Software® continues to add value to your business as your requirements change and develop.

A happy customer experience

"I am happy to recommend ABS Software® to any small to medium business that is trying to control or automate their processes and hitting their skill limits on how to solve the problem and take their business to the next level. " - Richard Marshall, Managing Director, Timberwolf

Please feel free to contact me, patrick@abssoftware.co.uk for advice or for a free quote on your requirements.

✓ Over 20 years FileMaker developing experience in house and developing bespoke solutions for SMBs and charities.

✓ Integration with Quick Books and other financial packages.

✓ FileMaker training from beginner to expert.

✓ Website Intergration, MySQL

✓ FileMaker 3-17 and beyond, Simple or Complex CRM, ERP Quoting and All-in-One Bespoke Tailored Solutions.

✓ Export to Sage or fully integrate, your choice

✓ Proven excellent customer service record

✓ Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance