Applications developed for multi-platform software services

Our software may not go into space but the FileMaker platform has been used by NASA and when we talk about multi-platform software, we are referring to applications that can be used on a wide variety of platforms and devices from desktops to mobile phones running OSX, Windows, iOS natively plus Android and any other OS through web browsers. With only one development cost.
Image Credit: NASA, Scott Kelly: Earth and Milky Way from Space)

FileMaker Go lets you take your business system with you. Allowing you to access information anywhere. Maximising connectivity with your workers and providing a better service for your customers.


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Multi User Software

Our multi user, cross platform, multi-location, mobile and desktop business systems include: 
• Contact DB
• Estimating/quoting
• Invoicing
• Ordering
• Planning
• Production Control
• Stock control
• Scheduling
• Warehouse management

Layout design professionals for cross platform development

You know that your business requires multi-platform software when you are catering to a huge audience who may be using iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others. 

AT ABSsoftware, Suffolk, we have technically strong engineers who prepare a layout design that not only suits your business requirement but also ensures to make it user-friendly for a greater impact. Please feel free to contact our experts for a free quote on our services.