Faster Than Amazon?

Picking and Packing with a custom WMS

Custom WMS (warehouse Management Software)

  • If you need to take control of your warehouse or are paying a premium price for a hard to use system
  • If you are spending a sizable chunk of time and money on correcting shipping errors. You will now been able to eliminate these errors and frustrations.
  • Less service email, less waste, less cost, and improved customer experience.

All around it can be a great decision. Here is one companies basic workflow:

They sell on Amazon and Ebay and through Magento. All orders are automatically downloaded into the WMS as they happen where the software sets flags to highlight what can ship.

Orders are combined if needed at this point. A pick list is presented on screen So no order id is needed to start picking or old school a basket and order ID can be scanned from the home screen simply by tapping on the order icon and choosing Single Order or Wave pick.

Order lines are dynamically sorted into an optimised walk order with a visual representation of the lines to pick. Picked lines turn green with the next item highlighted and ready to pick.

Part picks, changes of location and hand entry of barcodes or SKUs is also allowed without leaving the pick screen where everything is well laid out and clearly displayed on a seven inch colour screen.

Once the items are picked they are taken to a packing station. From the home screen the packer can choose from STD pack or Wave pack or they will be on the packing screen waiting for the next order, to scan the basket id or order id and start packing: scanning each item as it comes out of the basket. Once the basket is empty the “Basket Empty” button is tapped and the software checks out the items and reports on overs or shortages against the original order.

When Wave packing, as each item is scanned it is checked to see which order it could be picked for as it's checked off the list. When any individual order is verified as packed a shipping label is automatically printed. Multiple quantities of the same item can be entered as a quantity or counted as you scan. After the last item is scanned a label is printed along with a packing note of the actual items in the dispatched order.

At any time of the day a summary of everything imported and shipped can be reported on with time stamps to verify the amount of time spent picking, the time between pick and pack and total elapsed time for each order.

Stock is taken care of and synchronised with the web store with anytime reports to show low stock situations making sure customers know what they can buy.


If your shipping accuracy is not what it could be (perfect) think about calling ABSsoftware today.

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