Modern Times

Birth, Growth, Maturity, decline, death. The paradigm of life is echoed in thousands of systems we have created. Democracy, Capitalism, Life insurance, they all mimic the natural cycle so it should come as no surprise that all these systems are flawed. They all need sustained growth to survive.

Once growth stops people get restless and crave change and that's pretty much what we are seeing at the moment in politics, financial markets and down the chippy where it gets increasingly difficult to get a good Cod and Chips.

It could be that the Nigel Farage's and Donald J Trump's of this world are thrown up by the very failures of our systems to circumvent the natural process's and give society everlasting growth and prosperity. Where are those spaceships to Mars when you need one?

But with all the uncertainty created by the need to bust so there can be boom again (how did Gordon Brown get it so wrong!) there are ways we can ride the tiger, surf the wave or just plain survive.

I'm writing from the UK (as it is at the moment) where Brexit fever is in full swing, where to disagree is to be an "Enemy of the People". Where to side with the 48% is close to treason but there are still things we can do.

I added a calculation to my business system which looks for the words: "Onsite" and "Offsite" in my correspondence and job write-ups and calculates from Google maps (other maps are available) the distance of a return trip and adds it to my expenses form. It's surprising that such small change can make a difference but not having to calculate mileage pleases me and saves me time.

As Lao Tzu says "get walking" Well he didn't actually say that but reading between the lines...

To start on your thousand mile voyage perhaps enabling growth and efficiency contact ABSSoftware today!! Ok, we can't work miracles but we can walk with you and help shepherd things into order and maybe by helping each other we will all survive these difficult times.