Management Software

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Management software should be easy to use, help keep track of resources, events and appointments.

Have seamless connection between departments on site and external personel.

Show in an easy to assimilate format progress of projects that are also easy to change as new data becomes available.

Gant charts are the most common form of visual aid, helping with an overview of each project and it's component parts.

Each event that is linked responds by showing when the project is likely to go over time with adjustments rippling through to move each segment along a timeline keeping individual project items in sync.

Although only first developed in the 1980's as single user simple spreadsheet type applications,, Project Management tools now offer multi user, cross platform sophisticated tools to track projects, resources, bills of materials, delivery deadlines and more from inception to final sign off.

In  nutshell: An effective Project Management suite empowers SMB make-to-order companies and job shops to increase delivery time commitments. using a visual scheduling application built for production planners and SMB business owners. It will combine state-of-the-art scheduling techniques with advanced visual scheduling concepts allowing agile actions in case of unplanned incidents.