Where does it hurt?

There are many annoyances in life, slow internet, traffic jams, queues at toilets. These things generally don't last long and they are unpredictable. 

But what if day on day your business system was a pain, what if every day it seemed like you had to climb a mountain just to get your work done because of seemingly insurmountable holdups and delays?


Continuing with my hypothetical refrigeration service company "Mega Cool RFS" they wanted to get away from the constant slowdowns and mis-communications that were predictable and unnecessary and that happened day after day after day with their system which had grown over time in an ad hoc way but never really addressed the core problems.

These are just some of the problems their old system didn't address and when viewed in isolation each pain seems to be difficult to cure but when viewed as a whole it becomes evident that all these pain points are linked by one thing: Communication.

Effective communication has to be two way and it has to be instantaneous. Excel spreadsheets, SMS, email, these are all great tools but in isolation from other users who also need to view the information they suffer from being "Data Silos" invisible to those who most need visibility and are non reportable as a whole.

The answer to relieving these points of pain is a system that handles all these disparate needs.


At first sight complex problems seem like a mountain to climb and down in the valley of day to day work it's easy to get bogged down by restricted views, after all when your on the top of the mountain not only are the views great and 360degrees but you can't see the mountain!

Climb that mountain of data restrictions with a properly designed data solution

Speak soon.