The Thirty Percent Advantage

Need a traffic light system that shows work progress at a glance, need an automatic ToDo list that fires off from a template depending on the type of work booked in, need to take control of your workflow and liberate data from hidden spreadsheets, need a CRM that can really make a difference to your relationship with your customers, Need a schedule calendar to show all your jobs and appointments tracked in real time? 

Get all this and more with an ABSSoftware bespoke business system.

Owning a business database that works exactly the way you need has never been easier or more affordable.

Most business analysts agree that focus is key to productivity. For instance: having to jump from spreadsheet to word document to manufacturers catalogue and back wastes time and loses focus.  not having the correct information when required wastes thousands of hours every year. Which is why we can guarantee efficiency gains of up to 30%!

As an example: One person loses an hour per day doing repetitive tasks that could be automated.

@ £10 per hour that's £50 per week, £2600 p.a. If they disturb other workers trying to get information it's easy to see how £2600 becomes £5200 or £10400 p.a. 

And then there are mistakes. Double bookings, jobs delayed through missed communications etc.

To truly understand how much money is leaking from your business contact us today.

All businesses that have contacted us and gone through to a complete system are making these efficiency and customer gains. So can you. 07985571670